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THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP in signing up for membership recruitment is to contact the Panhellenic or Campus Life office at the college or university you plan to attend and REGISTER with them. You must be registered there to participate in the Membership Recruitment process.

  • Log onto or call the Panhellenic or Campus Life office at your college or university to find out their registration process.
  • Review the information concerning sororities and the calendar of events for your campus.
  • You will register and pay a registration fee on their website.
  • Be aware of registration deadlines - each campus is different!
  • The registration process at most universities is completely online. Make sure you follow the instructions for file formats if you are asked to upload pictures or resumes. It is best to only submit pdf files for resumes and jpg or jpeg files for photos. LABEL your files with your first and last name BEFORE you upload to any website. Most collegiate Panhellenic Councils are linked with the admissions office at their university and already have your transcript and test scores. However, if you are asked to upload files, make sure to black out / mark out social security numbers on your documents. They will have your student ID tied to your registration process.
  • Review the Panhellenic website for your campus and learn about the sororities on the campus you will be attending. Most Collegiate Panhellenic Councils publish an online booklet prior to formal recruitment which gives detailed information about the recruitment schedule, chapter information, Greek neighborhood maps, financial commitment, and suggested attire for each round of recruitment.
  • Follow the social media accounts for your campus Panhellenic Council and the individual chapters on your campus. They will often post recruitment information tips and/or host live information events throughout the summer.
  • Review rules of the Panhellenic Council on your chosen college campus. Potential New Members (PNM) are responsible for learning and abiding by these rules. A violation of these rules could make you ineligible for membership.
  • After formal recruitment, most campuses have additional opportunities at the beginning of each semester for joining a sorority in a more informal process called Continuous Open Bidding. However, not all chapters participate in this process and membership opportunities are not guaranteed.

Amarillo area women interested in going through sorority recruitment can also register with the Amarillo Alumnae Panhellenic for assistance with the recruitment process. ONLY women from the Amarillo/Canyon area or top 26 counties in the Texas Panhandle should register on this site.

You will need the following to complete the registration process.

  • General Information (address, phone numbers, parent contact, etc.)
  • 1-3 photos in .jpg or .jpeg format
  • Sorority Resume (What to Include on a Sorority Resume)
  • High School & College Transcripts in .pdf format
  • Other helpful information about sororities and recruitment can be found on the following websites: