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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not familiar wtih any or all of the sororities?

You'll have ample opportunities to learn about the sororities on your campus. Before recruitment, visit all of the websites, both the national and local chapter. Look beyond the great photos each will have and study the types of programs and activites with which each is involved. Be aware of the philanthropic projects they support. During recruitment, ask questions. It is best not to make up your mind about joining a certain sorority until you have mets its active collegiate members. You are not joining a "name" but choosing a closely-knit group in which you expect to make lasting friendships in college and alumnae life. Chapters vary by college, so any advice you get before recruitment may not apply to that particular chapter.

What is a Legacy?

Generally, it is defined as a daughter or sister of an initiated member. Some sororities also recognize a granddaughter, step-daughter, or step-sister. Sororities try to extend every courtesy to legacies and try to get to know them, but sororities cannot guarantee invitations or membership. At times there are more legacies entering recruitment than a college chapter has membership openings. Legacies must meet the same qualification standards that non-legacies meet. If you are a legacy to any sororities, be sure and list them on your form.

What is the cost of belonging to a sorority?

Expenses for membership include new member fees, initiation fees, building fees, and dues. Fees will vary by sorority, so to secure accurate information regarding the expenses for each chapter on your campus, go to the college website under "Greek Life" or "Panhellenic Council". Costs may vary from year to year and one of these can provide reliable information. You and your parents should be clear about the financial responsibility before registering for recruitment. Failure to meet financial obligations can result in loss of membership.

Sororities Seek Prospective Members With...

Scholarship Ability... Since each sorority wishes to maintain a high chapter grade point average, each must consider a potential new member's ability to adhere to its scholarship standards. It is hoped that each new member recruited will place importance on the completion of her education.

Compatibility... Sororities are based upon friendship, congeniality, and mutual ideas. The ability to get along with others and the enjoyment of being with people with diverse personalities are desirable qualities.

Interest in Involvement... Those who are group-oriented and who enjoy working with people are more likely to contribute to a sorority and to benefit from membership. The potential new member's list of activities in high school need not be long if there is indication that she has truly participated in some rather than being a "joiner" in many activities.

Financial Responsibility... Membership dues finance each sorority. Prospective new members should be aware of the cost of sorority membership and be willing to accept this financial obligation.